Warning: Explicit story involving sex. This is a work of fiction. Any relation to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.
This story involve a man and his wife having a threesome with a midget.

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Student & Teacher

My name is Jenna. I am short with blonde hair and deep green eyes. I graduated from High School at 19 years old. Right after graduation I went to find my favorite teacher, Ms White. Ms White is a blonde in her late 50's. She towers over me at 6'2" tall to my 5'5". I gave her a big hug and told her she was my favorite teacher. Ms. White gave me her personal number and asked me to come over Monday night. I said sure and gave her my number.

At 8 PM, I showed up at my Ms White's house. We sat on the couch and watched a movie. It was a movie about a girl that had a crush on her teacher. It seemed innocent at first but the movie culminated in the older woman and younger women naked in bed in a pretty hard lesbian scene.

When the sex scene was over, Ms White looked at me and asked what I thought about it. I said, "I don't know, Kind of hot". She sat next to me on the couch. Ms White's voice got really soft "Call me Debby and What do you think of the teacher in that movie". I look away and mumbled that she was really sexy.

Debby kept looking at me and said that we looked like the lesbian couple in the movie. Debby went back to the DVD and showed the lesbian scene again. Debby said "see!, the student looks like you and if I were there I would get naked with her too". Debby rubbed my leg with her left had and touched my chin and pulled me to face her with her finger. "Would you like to get naked with me Jenna?, Would you like to take a bath with me" I leaned in for our first kiss.

Debby took me by the hand into the bathroom. I watched in the mirror as she stripped me down. There I was, naked with my teacher. We made out standing. Me naked and her clothed. Then she had me take off her clothes. Then she walked over to the large tub. I watcher her big ass as she walked over. She turned on the water and turned back to me. She said that tonight she fell in love for the first time. We both kissed again, This time we kissed naked.

My teacher sat in the tub and had me sit in her lap. I felt her pussy against my ass. She rubbed and kissed my shoulders. Her hands went down my sides and her right hand went up my inner thigh. Her finger slowly went into me. She asked if I loved her as she fingered me. I moaned a simple "yes". I orgasmed in her lap.

Debby had me stand up and took me into her bedroom. It was set up like a studio. Debby told me that she wanted to quit her job and be with me forever. We laid on the bed together naked. She said that we could make money by sharing our lesbian sex with the world. But only if it was what I wanted.

I told Ms White that I would do anything for her. Debby turned on the webcam and introduced me to the live webcam world. With a bright light overhead, Debby said to the webcam "this is Jenna, My new lover, Tip 500 tokens if you want to see her eat her first pussy".

One guy immediately tipped the 500 tokens. Debby told me to say hello and thank him for the opportunity to lick pussy for the first time. I waved to the camera and said "thank you". This felt so nasty but so intense. I loved the feeling of thousands of eyes on me on my first taste of another woman's pussy.

Debby laid back and said for me to lick it in front of the world. I slowly licked up her inner thigh and then in between her pussy lips. Ms White closed her eyes as I teased her clit with my tongue. Then I went deep with my tongue. She held onto the back of my head and pulled my face in. She sighed with a "that feels so good". Then she started moving her hips and I could feel the juices explode in my mouth. I licked her wet pussy as she squirted in my face. The viewers tipped like crazy.

Two years later, Me and Debby got married. Oh yes, And we still put on live webcam shows for anonymous people everywhere.

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