Warning: Explicit story involving sex. This is a work of fiction. Any relation to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

This story involve a man and his wife having a threesome with a midget.

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Me, My Wife and A Midget

My name is Jim. Me and my wife Pamela went to the circus Saturday night for a date night. We are both in our early 30s. I have brown hair as does my wife. I am 5'8" tall and my wife is a little curvy at 5'7". I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and my wife was wearing a short yellow sundress. I noticed one short clown standing at 4'8" was following us around. I could tell he was checking out my wife.

He finally approached us and gave my wife a balloon animal. She laughed and bent over and gave him a small peck on the lips. He said his name was Darren and wanted to give us a private show back at his trailer. My wife held my hand and said "can we?, can we?". I said "sure".

We followed Darren to his trailer. A few of the circus workers took notice and smiled when they saw us enter Darren's trailer. Darren had us sit on a couch while he did a few magic tricks. My wife loved them. Darren still dressed in his clown outfit pulled out a long handkerchief. When he lifted it, His hard dick was exposed. It was a short dick, erect at 3 and a half inches, but you could tell he was hard as a rock. My wife gasped and looked at me.

Darren said he put on a free show. Now it was time for me and my wife to put on a free show. Darren turned on a laptop and pointed a webcam at us. Darren said, "I want to see you have a little fun with your wife, So do the people at home".

Darren took off all his clown clothes and sat down naked. He was stroking his cock. I don't know why we didn't leave. Pamela said to me "he did give us a free show, we should do something for him too". I could tell my wife wanted that midget dick inside of her. My wife started kissing me on the lips and put her hand on my dick. My wife unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.

Pam, Are you sure you want to do this? She pulled out my 8 inch dick and deep-throated me while Darren and the camera watched. Pam pulled up her sun dress so the world could see her perfect ass. My wife stood up and took me by the hand to Darren's short bed. Darren turn the camera to face his us and his bed. Pam said "I want to fuck you in a midget bed while a midget watches us, Maybe he can even join in, What do you think about that Darren?". Darren looked like he was about to climax, He had to stop. I said "slow it down man, you might get a chance to put that little cock of yours in my wife.".

I took off all of my clothes and laid down in the small bed. It was a strange feeling laying naked in the strange man's bed. My wife straddled me. She pulled up her sundress so Darren could see the fucking that was about to take place. Pamela slowly lowered her cunt onto my dick. We fucked like crazy. The creaking in the bed sounded like it was about to fall apart. I pulled my wife forward to kiss me as we fucked.

I pulled off my wife's dress and threw it to the side. We rolled over and I was on top of her, fucking her missionary style. My wife looked over and smiled at Darren as I was fucking her. My wife whispered to me, "why don't you switch places with Darren?". I crawled off of sweating wife as Darren stood up. I walked over to Darren's chair and sat down. Darren got on top of my wife missionary style. My wife said "now you bad boy, you want to fuck me in your bed while husband watches?". Darren started slid his cock inside of my wife.

It was so erotic. Watching my wife on her back, getting fucked by a midget. It was too much. I was jacking off while my wife was getting fucked. Pamela pushed Darren up and threw him on his back. She was riding him. Pamela said, "I need my husband to be a part of this, Jim, Come fuck me in the ass while I am taking this midget dick in my pussy".

Darren spread my wife's ass and said "yea, come and fuck your beautiful wife's ass while she rides me". I stood up and pushed my cock into her ass. I kept pace with the Darren's quick thrusts. Me and Darren filled both of my wife's holes with our cum. My wife woke up the next morning sandwiched between her husband and a midget.

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